Hand-Burgers – Creepy Halloween Recipe

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Creepy hand shaped hamburgers may gross out your Halloween party guests but they’ll squeal in delight when they take their first bite. These Hand-Burgers are frighteningly good and are easy to make.

Originally published on Hungry Happenings on  September 21, 2011.

Hand-burgers dripping with blood red ketchup. Gross Halloween Food Ideas.

Whether you plan to host a party with a gruesome theme like Dead Man’s Diner, or are just looking for a Halloween recipe with a bit of whimsical gore, these little Hand-Burgers are sure to be a big hit.

We hosted a Dead Man’s Diner party in 2009, and these bloody hands were gobbled up by guests of all ages. The kids, in particular, thought they were a scream.

This year, we have decided to bring the diner back to life! My guests will once again get to enjoy menu items like these hand-burgers and open-face sandwiches and Cake Ball Brains.

Make a simple burger into this scary Hand-Burgers Dripping with Blood! They're the perfect dinner idea to spook your kids...just wait to see their faces!

Back in 2009 we served our hand-burgers on dinner rolls (slider buns) and drenched them in blood red ketchup. Of course our burgers couldn’t be served alone so we fried up some fingers to go along with them. The recipe for the finger fries is available in my book,  Hungry Halloween.)

That book was written right after the party, before I began blogging. It has some really fun Halloween recipes ideas. My photography skills have come a long way since then but I’m still really proud of the book.

Host a Dead Man's Diner Halloween party and creep out your friends by serving them Hand-Burgers, Open Face Sandwiches, Bone Calzones, Grilled Feet, and more.

We decked out our house to look like a classic yet bloody looking diner. See our transformation, here. I share information about our decorations, recipes, and even a few…

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