Handprint & Photo Keepsake Ornament

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So each year I want to add a photo to our Christmas tree ornaments AND a keepsake too, so this year I combined the two: making a handprint AND photo keepsake ornament!

Keepsake ornament


I used salt dough(after a failed attempt at white baking soda clay, rather don’t ask!)
That is equal amounts of salt and flour(all purpose) with half the amount water. For instance: 1 cup of salt PLUS one cup of flour mixed with half a cup of water. Do pour in water slowly while mixing, and stopping when it becomes dough-like. This was enough dough for these two ornaments and we had left over too.

We added some red glitter to the dough, although we could have added more. The dough was rolled out to 1cm thickness. Then we did the following:




For full directions head to Teach me mommy!


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