Here’s What Everybody Is Missing About Charlottesville White Supremacist Terror Attack

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The media is desperately trying to blame conservatives for the white supremacist attack yesterday.

They couldn’t be more wrong. They are using this tragedy for political gain. Like always.

Ben Shapiro pointed out two of the biggest facts that the media is leaving out of their narrative.

From The Daily Wire:

1. The Alt-Right Is Not Conservative. One of the hottest takes from the Left is that the alt-right represents the entire right — that what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia represented conservatives broadly. That’s factually incorrect, and intellectually dishonest. The alt-right is not just conservatives who like memes or who dislike Paul Ryan. The alt-right is a philosophy of white supremacy and white nationalism espoused by the likes of Vox Day, Richard Spencer, and Jared Taylor.

2. The Alt-Right Has Successfully Created The Impression There Are Lots Of Them. There Aren’t. Thanks to the hard work of alt-right apologists like Milo Yiannopoulos, the widespread perception has been created that the alt-right is a movement on the rise, with a fast-increasing number of devotees. The media have glommed onto the alt-right in order to smear the entire conservative movement with it. The alt-right is quite active online — according to the Anti-Defamation League, I was their top journalistic target in 2016, and I received nearly 8,000 anti-Semitic tweets during the election cycle — but they aren’t particularly large. They fill up comments sections at sites like Breitbart, and they email spam, and they prank call people, and they live on 4chan boards, but the vast majority of alt-right anti-Semitic tweets came from just 1,600 accounts.


It’s not fair to implicate Milo who has absolutely nothing to do with this but other than that Ben’s points are correct.

There was no connection at all to the conservative movement or President Trump at that rally.

The Alt-Right is also very small and the only notoriety they get is when the media covers them and gives them credibility as an actual movement.

The best thing to do with these people is to ignore them. Don’t give them attention. They don’t deserve any.

Everyone wants to point the finger and blame someone for yesterday’s madness. Why not blame them? Blame the guy who drove the car. He’s responsible for what he did. No one else.

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