Here’s What the Fashionable Antifa Member Is Wearing This Season — It Costs $375

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Antifa has gained greater notoriety in the last two years with rioting in various places across the country, including in Washington, D.C. during the inauguration and attacking people and property in Berkeley. Although they have been around for decades, media began turning a lot more focus on them.

Many of the Antifa folks are disaffected college students and millenials who are nati-capitalist and who want to embrace the ideas of revolution, anarchy and/or communism.

So some wag in the fashion world decided to try to appeal to this ‘trend’ with a jacket for the Antifa person who cares about fashion.

Now ‘fashion and politics’ have come together in the Antifa jacket!

From NY Post:

Over the weekend, apparel company Alpha Industries launched an Antifa-influenced M-65 Anarchy Cotton-Blend Field Jacket on high-end retailer Barneys’ website.

Now the $375 military-style canvas zip-up with “stand collar” and “snap flap patch pockets,” is getting slammed by the demographic it was trying to market to – Antifa members and anarchists.

The olive green jacket, which is posed with designer distressed jeans and Doc Marten boots – a symbol of punk fashion – features a bold “Revolution” printed across the front, along with a sloppy anarchy symbol and other “edgy” phrases and quips.

The VP of Product at Alpha Industries, explained it this way, “We have seen resistance to power and authority become a trend in our current pop culture and society, often expressed through fashion.”

Alpha Industries, which “started as a contractor for the U.S. Military,” said in a statement to Fox News, “Since 1965, the M65 field jackets have been a favored method to graphically express one’s opinion.”

“Alpha developed the Barneys M65 anarchy jacket to encompass the artistic and graphic expressions of individuality. Self expression often inspires fashion, and fashion inspires self expression. Alpha Industries recognizes that the M65 field jacket has and will remain a canvas for all manner of self expression,” the statement continues.

The jacket while trying very hard to look authentically anarchist looks like a parody and costs makes it prohibitive but for the more well-off wannabe Antifa.

But Antifa folk who are generally against capitalism and who mostly are embracing antifa to be edgy and different aren’t buying this. And they are most definitely horrified at the thought of being called ‘trendy,’ a cardinal sin.

It blows apart all their illusions of being against the system and ‘anti-status quo’

Some are even thinking the jacket is a part of a conspiracy, a plot to silence them by making them ‘trendy.’

Others are calling for a boycott of Barneys, who is selling the jacket.

And non-Antifa are looking askance at it, thinking it just a ridiculous attempt to try to popularize anarchy, revolution and Communism. And they’re disturbed that Barney’s and Alpha would attempt to make money off of a violent anarchist movement.

So the window of buyers for the jacket seems rather limited.

Which for an already overly expensive product doubtless spells doom.

But here’s at least one buyer.

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