Heroic Dog Jumps in Water to Save Drowning Fawn (VIDEO)

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and species. On a recent walk on Long Island with his guardian, Mark Freely, courageous dog named Storm swam out into the water to save a drowning baby fawn.

The above video, filmed by Freely, went viral after he posted it on his Facebook page. In the video, we see Storm fighting against the current as he pulls in a motionless spotted fawn to shore. Freely is heard encouraging and praising Storm as the heroic dog grooms and nudges the fawn with his nose. Thankfully, the baby deer began breathing! Freely called an animal rescue group who took the fawn to a veterinarian, where she was deemed to be in good health!

We are absolutely amazed by the valiant efforts of Storm. His heroism not only saved an innocent life, but he serves as an inspiration to all to selflessly put the needs of others first and become an everyday hero.

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