Hillary Finally Says She Will Give Weinstein Money To Charity, But In Typical Clinton Fashion

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How long did it take Hillary Clinton to weigh in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal? Five days. And still, even waiting that time, she couldn’t come up with any real condemnation of him.

Her statement released by her spokesperson from his Twitter account, not even her account even removed it one step from her.

Now she’s talking about whether she will be giving any of Harvey Weinstein’s donations to her to charity. And her answer is similarly Clintonian.

She’s asked about whether she will donate the money. Her answer and her look are both a sight to behold. That imperious death stare, like how dare you ask me such a question!

Clinton received $17,400 personally to her campaigns and then received much more through his bundling and fundraising efforts.

He also gave the Clinton Foundation $250,000.