How 5 Women Stand Up to the Type of Sexual Harassment That Got O'Reilly Fired

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Well, it finally happened. Slimy Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has finally been ousted from his primetime position after months of pressure from the media, advertisers, the public and of course, the women who were victims of his sexual harassment.

It only took five sexual assault settlements (totaling $13 million), 50 advertisers yanking their business from Fox News, tons of scrutiny after the Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal and even more accusations from women for Fox to fire the sexist pundit. Then again, what else can we expect considering a man who’s been formally accused of sexual misconduct 23 times can be successfully elected president of the United States?

Sexual harassment has an age-old history of being minimized, dismissed or overlooked. Nearly every adult woman has experienced it, whether in the form of catcalling, crass jokes or a touch that lingered a little too long. It’s not OK, but it’s a reality of our world, so the least we can do is talk about it… a…

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