How I Finally Cleared Up My Skin With 3 Simple Steps

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This post was originally published March 2015.

Hi, I’m Kirbie. I’m 28, and I have an obsession with skin care.

It all dates back to when I picked up my first magazine at the tender age of 11. These miracle monthlies gave me secrets from the stars! So-and-so uses night cream? Off I went to the drugstore to pick up Neutrogena’s Copper Eye Cream. (Yes, at 12.) And ever since I read that Hilary Duff used Mario Badescu’s Rose Water Facial Spray, I made sure I had one on me at all times. (One day, I vow to ask her if her affinity for rose water is true or not.)

That being said, I’m very aware of my changing skin. I’ve complained about my experience with melasma – a result of my birth control. I’ve talked about my facial hair and the surprising way I get rid of it. And I definitely dealt with a severe case of adult acne after getting off the pill. I am more concerned now with the texture, clarity, and strength of my skin – yes, thin skin isn’t good – and I found that, even as a beauty reporter, I wasn’t able to nail down the perfect formula.

That’s why I feel compelled to share with everyone how I got my skin to a good place. Yes, I never had deep, cystic acne, but I empathize with those of you who experience it, given how I feel with my own breakouts. I believe making these changes really have had an amazing effect on my skin. So, what’s the process?

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