How to Make Chocolate Curls

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Chocolate curls are one of those things that can seem so intimidating, but really shouldn’t be. They aren’t necessarily hard once you know what you’re doing – they just take a little time and patience. Once you master them, they are sure to be one of your favorite ways to decorate a fabulous dessert!

The first I tried to make them, I had to get a little help from a friend. She shared the key with me once and I never had trouble again! You want to know the secret?

How to make chocolate curls - video included!

It’s quite simple really – the key to chocolate curls is having the chocolate at the right temperature. If the chocolate is too warm, it will just get pushed onto the scraper tool you’re using. If it’s too cold, it will flake or break into pieces. To be successful you have to be patient with it and take it in and out of the fridge as needed so that it’s the right temperature to work with. The more quickly you make the curls, the less you have to pop it back in the fridge. 🙂

To make the chocolate, add the chocolate chips and shortening to a bowl and microwave in 15 second increments, stirring between each increment, until it’s melted and smooth. The shortening breaks up and softens the chocolate just a bit so that you can create the curls, but the chocolate stays firm after the curls are made.

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