How to save a ton by switching to dollar store brands: SNACKS

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Where I live, there is a Safeway (that is ridiculously priced I might add) directly next door to a Dollar Tree. I have 3 children and it is pretty hard to not stop at the Dollar tree almost every time we go grocery shopping. That being said I decided to try swapping out some of the things that I normally have on my shopping list for Safeway, for Dollar tree brand similar items. Here goes it. 🙂

Everybody loves cheddar fishes.. personally, I could care less what type of sea creature I’m crunching on if it comes in the form of a cheddar cheese flavor filled cracker. 

Stauffer’s® Whales cheddar snack crackers $1

6.6oz @ $0.15 per oz

Fun little whale-shaped crackers are baked full of rich cheddar flavor! Plus, they have zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, and no artificial flavors or colors. They’re a great addition to everyday snacking, school lunches, kid’s parties, and are also great for resale. 

Goldfish Crackers $2.79

7oz @ $6.76/lb or $0.42/oz

Baked with real cheese. What can parents do at Create. Share. Connect. Smile with your kids! No artificial preservatives. Labels For Education. Baked in USA.


Winner winner chicken dinner is Stauffer’s® Whales. They tasted a little bit on the over baked side but still delcious and satisfied the craving I had. They also were a favorite of the kiddos.. With the savings, you can buy twice the dollar store whales as you can the gold fish! Boom.


My kids LOVE s’mores. And my grown up kid LOVES snacking on graham crackers & milk. Graham crackers have been a staple in our cupboard for a while now and finding a cheaper alternative is always awesome when you have a lot of mouths to feed. 

Safeway Kitchens Graham Crackers Honey –  – $2.79

$0.19/oz ($3.10/lb) for 14.4 Oz

Made with real honey. 5 g whole grain per serving. Our Graham Crackers are perfect as a snack with friends. They’re ideal for s’mores, with milk, or simply all by themselves. (safeway website)

Greenbrier Farms Honey Graham Crackers,  Boxes – $1

$0.10/oz ($1.60/lb) for 9.6 oz

A tasty and healthy snack that is sure to please! Honey graham crackers are lightly sweetened and great paired with peanut butter, marshmallow and chocolate for s’mores, or simply plain with milk. Nutritious and delicious graham crackers are perfect for all ages.

It’s obvious by the price that Greenbrier Farms Honey Graham Crackers win this one. How’s the flavor? Our entire family gobbled up the box (small package comes with 2 wrapped packs of the crackers) just as fast as the more expensive (by twice!) generic brand from safeway. 

Check out this article I found on more Dollar tree brand items compared to what would cost more than twice the cost at a grocery or drug store. I am definitely going to be writing up more of these reviews! What do you guys think? Have you replaced an every day item with a dollar store brand, permanently? Share, comment & like this page and DIY New Ideas for more! 😀



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