How Walmart Gave Me an Extra Hour Today

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I am busy.  I know you are busy too.

On some days it appears that I have things under control.  On other days, I forget things and feel like a hot mess.  It is those days that some of the essential “mom tasks” don’t get fully done.

I feel like I get about 80% of the stuff done that I need to do and the other 20% is floating around me mocking its existence.  I blame time.  If only I had an additional hour today, that 20% that I normally drop would get conquered!

And then Walmart gave me an additional hour today.

Thank you Walmart!  I was contacted a week or two ago to do a sponsored story here at Kids Activities Blog on how the new Walmart Grocery Online & Pickup can help busy moms.  I immediately said yes because I am a busy mom.

The first thing I did today was download the Walmart Grocery app (you can also shop online from your desktop).

Pssst…we have a coupon code (more details below) for you to save $10 off your first order of $50 or more:  MOMHACKS.

How to Use the Walmart Grocery App

The next thing was to figure out how to get my grocery list (1/4th written down, 3/4ths in my head).  And then I found something magical…

The Walmart Grocery app has a bar code scanner!

I started grabbing things from the pantry and fridge that were almost gone and with my phone camera scanned the bar code and the items appeared in my Walmart shopping cart.

walmart bar code scanner in grocery app

insert jumping up and down here

For those items that we needed that I didn’t have a bar code to scan because…

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