How You Can Make the Coolest Halloween Masks Out of Cheap Paper Plates

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Love the idea of arts and crafts, but feel intimidated by the overcomplicated Pinterest projects that have miles-long instructions and ridiculously hard-to-find supplies? Then you’re going to love Paper Goods Projects ($11), a book of 60 DIY ideas all made using the simplest of materials – all of which can be found at the supermarket, if not in your pantry or recycling bin.

Although the book features balloons, doilies, coffee filters, and cupcake papers for most of its assignments, we found those involving the ever-popular paper plate to be most appealing.

The book’s author, Jodi Levine, showed us two paper plate animal mask projects to try at home. Read on for the complete how-to guide for making each one, and get ready to have your kids’ Halloween costume come straight out of your kitchen cupboard.

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