I Photographed A Mom Before She Was Deported, And This Is What I Saw

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It is interesting what discoveries can be made when you look through the lens of a camera. A photographer’s job is simple: capture the beauty, reality, and truth of a single moment.

But sometimes what we capture is different than what we intended. What you thought you once understood might change in the instant you press the button and the shutter closes. A powerful image has the ability to challenge the way we understand the world around us. This is one of those images for me.

Molly Hogan

I took this family’s farewell photo in front of their church house in Alexandria, Virginia. In their Sunday best, they stand close as the sunshine filters through the trees behind them. Hope and faith shine through their countenances but also a sorrow so deep it threatens to engulf us all at any moment.

I watch as he holds her a little closer, and these beautiful little ones cling to her hands and skirt a little tighter in the hope that the minutes will slow, that this gorgeous afternoon in…

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