If you like Bernie Sanders, you might like him a little more…

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For any of those following the political campaign of Bernie Sanders, you may be aware of the relationship between him and Big Pharma bigwig Martin Shkreli. Needless to say, they aren’t buddies. 

US Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said at Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate that he counts pharmaceutical companies as one of enemies he’s most proud of battling. (via)

For those who aren’t aware of who this Martin fella is, here are a few memes floating around social media…

scumbag-ceo-martin-shkreli-meme---imgur 2

This guy donated a sum of money to the candidate in hopes to meet and talk about Bernies standings on his companies industry…

Bernie Sanders rejects CEO Martin Shkreli’s campaign donation The Boston Globe

Unlike most candidates whom may be tempted by such donations, Bernie Sanders isn’t being bought by this scumbag. Instead, he donated the donation to none other than a health clinic specializing in treating HIV patients.

So, it get’s funny…

Hearing this news made poor Martin very upset. So much so that he tweeted this:

Martin Shkreli on Twitter SO ANGRY AT BernieSanders I COULD PUNCH A WALL 1

And then, someone commented and won the internet for the day. 

Mattathias Schwartz on Twitter MartinShkreli I d suggest that you take a chill pill but they cost like 950 now

The End.

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