I’m Running For Congress Because America Needs More Moms In Office

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My name is Jennifer Herold. I’m a mom to three amazing children: Ben (age 4), Alex (age 3), and Isabelle (age 9 months).

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And I’m running for Congress.

As a fellow mom, I’m pretty sure I know your first thought: You have three kids under 5? How the hell are you going to have enough time to run for Congress?

My answer is pretty simple: My country needs me. Truth be told, it needs you too (more on that in a moment). And my entire family is coming along for this crazy, exciting journey. I promise you, this family-oriented campaign will be unlike anything else we’ve seen in American politics.

Now, some of you may remember that this isn’t my first foray into politics. I ran as a Republican for an Ohio House of Representatives seat last year. When I looked at the makeup of the party, I thought they would be eager to add a young, educated, family-oriented female to diversify their ranks. However, my local chairman was anything but welcoming and made me…

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