Instagram Account Challenges Stereotypes Of Who Belongs Outdoors

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‘Unlikely Hikers’ shatters assumptions about what it looks like to be fit

If you’re a hiker who’s taken a selfie at a summit, you know what you look like. You know what you feel like. Sweaty, bedraggled, victorious, and well, you. Whoever you are. But too often what we see represented as outdoorsy and fit doesn’t look like us at all.

Thankfully, there’s a place on the internet that’s changing all of that. Behold, a certified badass and refreshingly relatable hiker Instagram account. Jenny Bruso is the “Unlikely Hiker” and self-describes as a “fat, femme, queer, writer, and former indoor kid.” She’s a Portland-based blogger who is shattering stereotypes of what a hiker looks like (white and skinny) and features people of all different shapes, sizes, races, ages, and levels of fitness and mobility.

“Whether you hike a mile or fifteen, or only a few times a year; if you use a mobility device on trails, or don’t see anyone who looks like you; You Are A Hiker,” she writes. “When we…

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