Iowa Farmer Reveals What Happened to His Pigs after Being Fed GMO Corn (The Results Are NOT Pretty To Say The Least)

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SOURCE: YouTube footage

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Jerry Rosman, a corn and livestock farmer in Iowa since 1974, has long been a follower of the newest “technologies” in farming.

He once placed his faith into “scientific innovations,” and besides personal use, he spent many decades selling and promoting these products.

But then, something unexpected happened that changed his viewpoint, and his farming style, completely.

Rosman began by trying out genetically modified (GMO) corn. This was in 1997, just as Monsanto brought its very first genetically engineered Roundup ready seeds into the world. Jerry started feeding this corn to his livestock, but the problems did not start until the arrival of the year 2000’s crop.

Immediately, the Iowa farmer started witnessing a shocking side effect — reproductive issues in his pigs.

According to Jerry, pigs started experiencing pseudo pregnancies or false pregnancies, a condition in which the body replicates all symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant, affecting over 80% of his pigs. In most cases the “pregnant” pig would birth a “bag of water,” and the process would repeat itself again and again.

It happens occasionally out here. There are certain toxins that will do it,” Jerry said.

But when he checked for all the usual causes but found nothing. The situation was also different, because in the past, this never happened to that many animals, a couple at most. This occurrence must have had a different cause.

After a year of these fake pregnancies, the farmer deducted that it must be the GMO corn that was causing reproductive issues in pigs, a side effect that Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology Dr. Don Huber of Purdue University warned about as a possibility in his research.

Was Mr. Rosman correct in his assessment of the situation, and is GMO corn really a threat to livestock health?

pigs on a farm

Rosman lost his farm due to his pigs no longer being able to reproduce. SOURCE: YouTube footage

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Farmers Across America Noticed Livestock Reproductive Issues

Through research, Jerry found out that he was not alone in his struggles – at least five other farmers in the area were experiencing the same problem. Unfortunately, Rosman realized the corn was the problem too late, and even though he tried switching the feed, the pigs were not in the shape to reproduce again, and he ended up losing the farm.

Rosman did not want his loss to be in vain. Today, he warns other farmers about the risks of switching GMO crops, and consults small farming operations on organic farming.

While warning others about GMO seeds, Jerry also wanted to spread the word on a bigger scale. He tried to go against the GMO seed company and let them know what their product is doing to livestock. But no one would listen.

The only response from the seed corn company was in fact to basically discredit the farmers…They did everything under the power to blame anything and everything but the corn,” Jerry said.

Researchers and other farmers who were aware of this problem were shoved aside like he was; they were silenced, he says.

The initial researchers who basically determined that this was the problem were harassed, intimidated to change their stories. Once a researcher was threatened with job termination if he ever talked to me again. At the major university here, the Iowa University, he…recanted everything that he said because Monsanto told him that’s what he was supposed to do. His research grants were coming from Monsanto.” 

The only good news that came out of it is that Rosman’s message did reach other farmers who had a chance to rescue their animals and their farms in time.

The minute this hit national airways and I was getting some press, we’ve received some calls from another twenty five farmers scattered out in the Midwest who were all experiencing the same problems.”

Some of these farmers were able to save their farm by switching the feed in time after hearing Jerry’s story.

jerry rosman

After losing his farm, Jerry speaks out against GMO seeds and promotes organic farming. PHOTO: Iowa Farmers Union

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While Monsanto and other seed companies were not listening, many interdependently-funded researchers were looking for answers.

Researchers in Baylor University in Texas published a peer reviewed study linking the pseudo pregnancy problem to GMO corn, Jerry said. From experiments in their lab, these researchers found compounds in GMO corn that are most likely responsible for reproductive problems. They act as estrogen mimickers or endocrine disruptions, which alter hormones in the body leading to reproductive issues.

The most alarming find is that these same compounds were immediately found in ordinary food products bought in supermarkets.

Jerry said this is the most concerning news to him. He asks:…

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