ISIS Now Urging New Recruits to Abandon Syria and Go to the Asia-Pacific

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The terror army known as ISIS seems to have realized that their cause is lost in the Middle East and so they are urging new recruits to go to East-Asia to cause havoc and terror in places like the Philippines.

Looks like since Donald Trump got into office, Syria is off the ISIS travel list now that they are in retreat all across the Middle East, Daily Caller reported.

The change of base was announced in a recent ISIS video, Daily Caller said, which urges new recruits to join terrorists in the Philippines.

The video specifically instructs any would-be travelers in the Asia-Pacific region to go to the Philippines instead of trying to travel to the core caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

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“Come forth to the land of jihad. Perform hijrah. Come forth to … Marawi,” a militant instructs in the video.

ISIS is not doing well in Iraq and Syria these days.

Since the Russians went all in with attacks on Syria and the U.S. now hitting the terrorists hard in Iraq, ISIS isn’t feeling too happy these days.

ISIS fighters remain besieged in the Filipino city of Marawi, where it has mounted a months-long surprisingly robust insurgency. The battle for Marawai has displaced hundreds of thousands of residents and began during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The terrorist group frequently uses the holy month as an excuse to mount some of its deadliest operations. Dozens of Filipino soldiers have been killed in the ensuing siege.

Looks like ISIS understands that it just might need to take a step back…

The group’s loss of territory has caused a concerted change in the terrorist organization’s propaganda efforts, which now tell fighters to either carry out attacks in their home countries or travel to one of the group’s affiliate chapters.

ISIS also has active affiliates in Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya, each of which command the loyalty of hundreds, if not thousands, of fighters. Many of its affiliates have been linked to high-profile attacks in their host countries and even plots against the West.

So, ISIS is looking for an escape hatch and hoping to steer new recruits to safer harbors where the military and authorities aren’t in an all out war against them.

It looks like they think East-Asia is the perfect place to hide for a while.

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