Jon Bernthal said that Kevin Spacey was a “bully” on the set of “Baby Driver”

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Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Many have come forward in recent days to share stories of sexual misconduct at the hands of actor Kevin Spacey, and now his Baby Driver costar Jon Bernthal says Spacey was a “bully” on the set of their recent hit film.

In an interview on the Jim and Sam Show on SiriusXM this week, Bernthal described his personal experiences with Spacey, who has entered a treatment facility after the slew of recent allegations. The actor, who is best known for his role as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead and for Netflix’s The Punisher, revealed he “lost a lot of respect” for Spacey while working with him.

“I remember being on that set and I remember him really rubbing me the wrong way. And it’s funny, anybody who I was working with at the time, and people in my life, remember me saying it. A lot of people reached out to me when that [the allegations] happened,” he said.