JUST IN: Winner Declared In Virginia Governor Race, Trump Responds

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It seemed like Gillespie had the momentum leading up to the election.

Turns out, it wasn’t enough.

The Democrat won.

From Fox News:

The Democratic candidates swept to victory in Tuesday’s gubernatorial races, with Fox News projecting Ralph Northam will beat Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Phil Murphy will beat Kim Guadagno in New Jersey.

The victories — especially the win in Virginia — are a shot in the arm to the beleaguered Democratic Party, which has lost four special congressional elections to Republicans since Donald Trump was elected president a year ago. Northam won with the support of federal government employees and non-white voters, according to the Fox News Voter Analysis.

Let’s keep this in perspective.

Virginia was the only southern state Trump lost and he lost it by five points.  This wasn’t exactly an upset for Democrats.  With 80% of the vote in, Gillespie was trailing by around the same percentage that Trump lost the state by.

Trump responded to the news.

Trump is correct.  Ed Gillespie is a good guy but he clearly was trying to distance himself from Trump and that hurt him.

Congrats to Northam, he ran one of the most disgusting campaigns in gubernatorial history.  The Democrats will treat this as a huge moment. They already are.

Joe Scarborough is losing his mind.

Joe’s unhinged reaction says it all. See how excited he is that a Dem. won VA by roughly the same % margin as they did in 2016? The guy was clearly terrified Dems would lose this race and that’s evident by the way he is spiking the football.  Democrat voters showed up in states they were supposed to win and did just that? It’s nuts that Joe is pretending that this is somehow a major victory for Dems.

Seriously, you should see this guy’s Twitter feed right now. He’s acting like Dems won the presidential election. Dems won a slam dunk in New Jersey, a slam dunk in New York City, and a race they were expected to win in Virginia.

What’s the big deal?

Here are two solid threads that provide some really important context.

Whatever you do. Do not listen to people like Scarborough who were so miserably wrong in 2016.  That will not serve you well.

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