Katy Perry absolutely WRECKS a fans ex-boyfriend during a concert for texting she can’t sing

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The singer stopped the show to look at a fan’s phone and she was not impressed by what she found

Katy Perry sent a potty-mouthed message to a fan’s ex-boyfriend calling him a “d***less monkey,” and a “c***” after he claimed she “couldn’t sing live”. You can see the video below!

The Roar singer got very vengeful during her Prismatic tour earlier this year when she stop the show to look through a fan’s phone.

Going onto her WhatsApp account, Katy revealed the last message the fan had received was about the singer and she wasn’t very impressed by it.

She read out to the crowd: “LOL I heard she can’t sing life at all”

After taking a selfie she also added a message and told the crowd: “He’s not going to be happy about that.”

The message has now been revealed and it looks like acid-tongue Katy is pretty quick with her comebacks.

Here’s what she replied: “You thought I would never see this chat, you little d***less monkey. You have no balls, p****. C***”

Katy Perry's shady response to fan who said she couldn't sing live
Katy Perry’s shady response to fan who said she couldn’t sing live

Yeah, we doubt he’ll be responding to that.

Turns out the text was from the girl’s ex-boyfriend, which had Perry dishing out some advice.

“He’s your ex-boyfriend and you still have a WhatsApp group with him? What are you doing?,” she said.

“Do not text your ex,” before adding, “we need to talk after the show.”


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