Liberals Are Now Telling White Children Not To Wear Moana Costumes For Halloween Because It’s Racist

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In 2017, the liberal mind is completely obsessed with race.  You aren’t American. You are a black American. You aren’t a woman. You are a white woman.  It’s a methodical and troubling attempt to pit Americans against each other with the goal of succeeding at the voting booth.  Sadly, the left is obsessed with race to the point where it’s impossible not to call them what they are. Racist. By definition.

The difference between the left and the right is that the right doesn’t obsess with race in everyday life. For example, if a conservative small business owner is trying to hire someone he will choose the best candidate for the job based on qualifications.  A liberal small business owner will factor in race and gender to his decision regardless of qualifications. Very similar to what we see with affirmative action.

It’s not just adults liberals are worried about.  Liberals are very focused on making sure that kids treat people differently based on race as well.

Here’s the latest example…

From Twitchy:

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time for all the think pieces on culturally appropriate costumes for both kids and adults. Cosmopolitan, to which we always turn for moral clarity, is suggesting that white parents not let their little pale ones dress as the title character from Disney’s Moana — rather, they should see it as an opportunity to teach their children not to be racially insensitive.

Yes. You read that correctly. Liberals don’t want white children to dress up as a Disney character.

From Cosmopolitan:

At this point, you might be saying something like: “But, I dressed up as Jasmine as a child, and I’m not a racist!”, or, “It’s just a Halloween costume, please chill the f*ck out.” But one of the best things about time is that it moves forward. You should too. You can (and should) strive to be better than you were 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If you missed the mark when you were younger, maybe think about using this Halloween as an opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of cultural sensitivity. If your child’s dream costume feels questionable, don’t just throw up your hands and hand over your credit card. You’re the parent here, and the onus of what your child wears falls on you. If your kid wears a racist costume … you’re kind of wearing it too.

Pretty gross right?

Isn’t it crazy how liberals think they are so much smarter than everyone but in reality could not be more stuck in the past?  Like, this article is written by someone who sounds like they are from decades ago.

As you can imagine, Twitter wasn’t thrilled.

Dana’s tweet is the best as usual.

That’s exactly what this is. Virtue signaling.

Liberals have been using Moana to push their antiquated agenda for a while now.

Check out this piece from a year ago.

From National Review:

The upcoming Disney film Moana will star a Polynesian princess for the first time in the franchise’s history — but, rather than be excited, many people are complaining that the film’s portrayal of a Polynesian demigod character is culturally insensitive because he’s too fat. According to, Polynesian politicians are among those speaking out. For example, New Zealand Labour MP Jenny Salesa (who is of Polynesian heritage) complained on Facebook that the movie having a fat demigod will actually harm children.

“The environment our kids grow up in and what they are exposed to have a role to play,” she wrote. “Disney movies are very influential on our children.” “It is great that Moana is the lead,” she continued. “However, it is disappointing that Maui, one of our beloved historical ancestors from hundreds of years ago, who was a very strong man and a skilled navigator, is depicted to be so overweight in this kids’ movie.”

Moral of the story?

Liberals will never be happy.

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