Liberals Praised This ‘Brave’ Crying Illegal Alien, Then The REAL Truth Came Out

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Liberals have generally painted ‘Dreamers’ as poor innocent children who are about to be booted out (or put in internment camps by evil GOP).

Of course, the problem with the fiction is that they are illegal aliens and the median age of the ‘children’ is 25.

And some are not all that ‘innocent.’

From Conservative Tribune:

Jason Whitlock Says ESPN's Failure To Take Action Against Host Who Called Trump 'White Supremacist' Means They Agree

Jason Whitlock Says ESPN’s Failure To Take Action Against Host Who Called Trump ‘White Supremacist’ Means They Agree

One of the anti-Trump brigade’s poster children recently received attention by crying on camera at the prospect of immigration laws being enforced. Now, internet sleuths have uncovered evidence that makes the tearful DREAMer look far from innocent.

Karen Caudillo was featured in a Guardian news piece and a now-viral video where she burst into tears at the prospect of returning to Mexico, where she was born.

“I’ve been fighting for so long to be able to sustain myself, to go to school, to be productive,” she sobbed during an interview at the nation’s Capitol. “And it just feels like everything is going to waste because I could go back to Mexico.”’

Sounds awful right?

But it turns out that all may not be right with young Ms. Caudillo.

Online gumshoes who are part of the so-called “/pol/” group on began digging into Caudillo and made some startling discoveries.

It appears that the poster child for “innocent DREAMers” may have possibly been illegally registered to vote in the last election, and also illegally donated to a political action committee.

A screenshot posted on the /pol/ group appeared to show Caudillo on a list of registered voters under her full legal name. If true, this would be against the law for a non-citizen.

The next piece of evidence is arguably even more damning. The official Federal Election Commission database shows Caudillo as a donor to a left-leaning political action committee.

Like voting, it’s illegal for a non-citizen to give money to a PAC. “Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.,” explains the FEC.

She also set up several Go Fund Me efforts to raise money to go to radical events like The People’s Summit in Chicago and The Women’s March in D.C. and she’s a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Her ramblings in the requests make it clear that she is a far left political activist and, according to her, she’s the Secretary of the local Young Democrats group, not just a random student. She wants to make political activism her life.

Interestingly, she also set up a Go Fund Me asking for money to go to Mexico. So why is she asking for money to go there when she a week later cried about possibly being sent there?

The answer is buried in the request for the money. If you read it, you note that in addition to the expenses to get there that she notes, there’s a significant amount, actually, a greater amount, allocated for ‘advance parole.’

What is advance parole? It’s an Obama administration loophole that allows Dreamers an avenue to circumvent the normal immigration system to become legal residents and even citizens.

From Daily Caller:

DACA does not confer legal status upon illegal immigrants and is a form of prosecutorial discretion. However, a 2012 administrative court decision allows DACA beneficiaries who leave the country through advance parole to adjust their legal status. Advance parole allows the amnesty recipients to leave the country for travel such as humanitarian assistance or a study abroad program.

Re-entering the country after receiving advance parole means the immigrant has entered the nation lawfully, thus allowing them to adjust their legal status.

So basically, she’s asking for money to change her status so she would be considered here legally. She’s only gotten $75 of a $1000 request.

Thousands have exploited this loophole and over 1500 have become citizens through this route, leaping past the people who proceeded legally, avoiding the greater expenses and fees those people had to pay.

But because President Donald Trump may be closing this window, she’s trying to rush it in to get it before it potentially goes away.

While there may be Dreamers who are ‘innocent’ apart from the illegality of their entry, another radical activist without regard for the law is really not the best advertisement…

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