McConnell Has Been Slipping In Kickback Deals With Moderate Senators To Increase Support For Healthcare Bill

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Drain the swamp.

We’ve heard it a million times and there’s no doubt it is a much-needed move that will take some time.

However, it’s a little hard to drain the swamp when you have establishment guys like Mitch McConnell running the show in Congress.

The guy has done some good things but he really is one of the most entrenched members of Congress and that’s never good.

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Looks like he’s been doing some deal-making that has conservatives a little concerned…

From Breitbart:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slipped more backroom deals into the Senate healthcare bill to entice more moderate senators to vote for the bill.

Republicans have frequently criticized Democrats for bribing so many senators to pass Obamacare seven years ago, even though McConnell continues to employ the same tactics to pass their Senate healthcare bill.

The BCRA’s delay would allow the Senate leadership to gain crucial time to gather more support for the bill. The new BCRA retains Obamacare’s net investment tax and the Medicare “high-income tax,” which means that McConnell could have another $100 billion in kickbacks to give senators in exchange for their support of the Senate leadership’s healthcare bill.

Part of this is unavoidable.  Ultimately, making a give and take deal with other senators is how the whole process works.

At the same time, these kickbacks are the kind of thing that Democrats do and Republicans really shouldn’t be so willing to do it.

Making deals is good.  Kickbacks aren’t.

The GOP moderates in Congress are responsible for a lot of the issues today and capitulating to Obama for 8 years definitely didn’t help that.

You gotta wonder whether or not their jobs will be safe the next time around.

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