Meet The Hollywood Starlet Who Lived With An Actual Pet Lion In Her House

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When it comes to the rich and famous, the desire to keep up with the Joneses is a strong one. This inkling to own all things top-of-the-line extends not only to the luxury homes and automobiles, but to the animals they keep as pets, too.

Even still, while most settle for a designer dog, The Birds actress Tippi Hedren went in a different direction. Her exotic choice of pet actually lived with her and her children in their Sherman Oaks, California, home during the 1970s.

When you see how massively unique her pet truly was, your jaw might just hit the floor…

It’s certainly no secret that Hollywood celebrities like to surround themselves with the most extravagant items imaginable. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar mansion or the latest luxury vehicle, practically nothing is off-limits. This lavish lifestyle obviously doesn’t end with fancy homes and cars…

Michael Rougier

Not only do the rich and famous like to be surrounded by luxurious items at all times, but some have an affinity for raising exotic animals as pets, too. For the family of Tippi Hedren, this meant welcoming the king of the jungle into their home.

Michael Rougier


While the actress was best-known for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, not many people realize another fact about the Hollywood starlet. During the 1970s, she actually owned a 400-pound pet lion named Neil!

Michael Rougier


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