Millennials, You Need to Start Worrying About Tech Neck – Here Are 9 Products to Prevent It

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OK, we all know that spending countless hours on our smartphones isn’t exactly good for us, but did you know it could be affecting your physical appearance? We’re talking about tech neck; it’s when constantly bending your head to look at your phone results in skin sagging, wrinkles, and dropping jowls. Yep, it’s a real thing that’s only going to get worse for millennials as they age.

Obviously, the easiest way to prevent tech neck is to stop looking down at your phone so much. Let’s be real, though, that’s going to be hard for a lot of us. Luckily, there are many creams and serums that will help to prolong the development of unwanted creases and drooping in the skin. We rounded up the best products you could use so that your neck stays firm and tight. Take a look at our recommendations.

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