Millie Bobby Brown has her sights set on a new role — co-hosting the Emmys with Stephen Colbert

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Ray Tamarra / Getty

It’s been a great year for Millie Bobby Brown. The actress broke onto the scene playing Eleven in Stranger Things. She has a killer right hook. And she stars in Calvin Klein ads like a total boss. (Did we mention that she’s only 13 years old?) Now, Millie Bobby Brown is ready for a new gig. The one she’s gunning for? Co-hosting this year’s Emmys with Stephen Colbert.

“I think we should sort something out. I think that, like, I should be your co-host,” Brown said. “So you host and I’ll, like, wink at you at some point and then you’ll be like, ‘Okay, this is the moment where we have to get the envelope and say, Millie Bobby Brown.’ So, do you wanna do that?”

“Just laugh at any of my jokes and I’ll do anything you want.”

Here’s the full clip in all of its charming glory: