Mom’s Tear-Filled Selfie Shows Reality Of Breastfeeding

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Mom’s honest post shows the real struggle most breastfeeding photos don’t

Anyone that’s ever tried breastfeeding can tell you: it may be “natural” but that sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s a struggle. Which is why it’s so befuddling (and depressing) to only see images of air-brushed, blown-out, bliss-eyed mamas in their perfectly ironed night gowns effortlessly breastfeeding their babies. That’s simply not reality for many of us, including a mom in Florida who recently snapped a tear-filled selfie to show us that we’re not alone.

Angela Burzo, a photographer and mother, gave birth to her baby girl about three weeks ago, according to her Instagram account. She’s been refreshingly honest about the breastfeeding struggle since the very beginning, but the most powerful post is one she shared just days ago. With tears streaming down her cheeks and pain in her eyes you can feel this raw post in your bones before you even read it.

“…I cannot hide the struggle that is…

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