NFL Coach Bill Belichick Catches Heat From Liberals For Wearing “Controversial” Shirt

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Liberals have made it pretty clear that they are the least tolerant group of people on the planet.

They are very nice to people on their side and alarmingly violent and disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who has made it pretty clear he is a fan of Donald Trump, was spotted wearing a patriotic shirt the other day and apparently that’s a big deal in 2017.

From BizPac Review:

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The New England Patriot’s coach was spotted wearing a green shirt with stick figure drawings of a soldier and, what appears to be, a terrorist.

The drawing showed the turban wearing terrorist being attacked by a dog while the soldier stood with his rifle.

The terrorist’s eyes were marked with “x’s,” which is the cartoon symbol for death, with the caption “life is great.”

As expected, the unhinged SJWs had a problem with his shirt just like they have a problem with everything else.

A writer for the far left website Vice’s sub division Vice Sports, Sean Newell, panned the shirt as “pretty weird! Some might even say offensive.”

Yeah. Killing terrorists. How terrible! What a monster!

From Washington Examiner:

In an article titled “Bill Belichick’s Off-Season Look Is Basically Breitbart in Margaritaville,” Esquire writer Luke O’Neil called the shirt “political” and asked, “Watching a dog maul a brown-skinned, presumably Muslim man, is supposed to be … delightful?” Vice writer Sean Newell implied the shirt was “offensive.”

How embarrassing is the liberal left these days? A football coach can’t even go outside with a shirt he likes without the fragile left being upset about it.

These people really need to get a hobby or something.

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