Obama Just Managed To Make Jury Duty Not Suck For Some Lucky People

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The former president had to report to jury duty like everybody else

President Barack Obama tackled many seemingly impossible tasks during his presidency and now in his retirement, he’s managed to do it again: he made jury duty fun. Well, for a day.

Obama made quite the entrance at the Daley Center in Chicago on Wednesday. He strolled in around 10 AM with his Secret Service crew in tow and helicopters circling above, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Image via Getty Images/Joshua Lott

Instead of blowing off his civic duty (like many of us do — don’t lie), he was there to do the right thing and be a model citizen. As he walked into the jury assembly room he shook hands and said, “This looks like Chicago right here. I like that.”

Image via Getty Images/Joshua Lott

A security guard at the courthouse reportedly warned the swaths of photographers, reporters, court staff, and attorneys not to photograph the room. Yeah, good luck. Once Obama came on the scene people kind of lost their shit and…

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