Of Course Hostess Managed to Turn Candy Corn Into a Freaking Cupcake

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Hostess has released Candy Corn Cupcakes, and even if you hate candy corn with all your heart, you’ll probably want to try them. Why? Because they don’t taste anything like candy corn! Despite the deceiving name, the cupcakes are merely decorated to resemble candy corn and are made with a frosted yellow cake and creamy filling. Instagram user Junkbanter, who picked these up at Walmart, can confirm the cupcakes are not flavored like candy corn whatsoever. The junk-food connoisseur wrote, “Zero attempts made and zero f*cks given to make this taste like candy corn. I don’t even LIKE candy corn, but I would have loved to try it in cupcake form.” I’m personally relieved they aren’t flavored like that awful Halloween candy, TBH.

Hostess is known for teasing fans with fake products on its Instagram (for example, POPSUGAR can confirm this Orange Cupcakes Whipped Cream is not real), but the limited-edition Candy Corn Cupcakes are 100 percent happening and are available in stores now.

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