Oh my Dowager — the Crawleys are coming stateside with a “Downton Abbey” exhibit

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Somebody tell Mrs. Patmore to put a roast in the oven — Downton Abbey is about to have *a lot* of company. Or, at least, a space that looks basically identical to the Crawleys’ lavish abode is about to have a lot of company. ““Downton Abbey: The Exhibition” is opening in New York City on November 18th, and we may need the Dowager Countess’ smelling salts, we’re so delighted.

Judging from its website, visitors will essentially travel back in time to Downton‘s post-Edwardian era and get an up-close look at everything from Lady Sybil’s stylin’ harem pants to a replica of Daisy’s jelly molds. We’re already nostalgic watching the short trailer the exhibit put out hearing Carson, er, actor Jim Carter’s stern yet comforting voice narrating. (We’ll admit it, though: The sight of any Downton actors out of their period costumes freaks us out a little).