Ozzy Lusth Says He's the Best Mediocre <em>Survivor</em> Contestant Ever

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Even after four seasons competing on Survivor, Ozzy Lusth remains one of the most popular castaways ever. From his strength in challenges, to his Mowgli-like survival skills, he’s an instantly recognizable character among the sea of 498 previous contestants. In our one-on-one interview today, Ozzy explained what went wrong for him this season and revealed his desire to possibly play one more time. Plus, find out which remaining player does he believe is not a true game changer.

SheKnows: You seemed genuinely shocked to be voted out. Was it a true blindside or did you know the tribe was targeting you?

Ozzy Lusth: I knew that I was gonna get some votes, but I didn’t think I was gonna go home. I thought the people I was aligned with would be true to their word. I was definitely shocked.

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SK: Debbie is taking a lot of credit for orchestrating your elimination. Do you believe that she’s the person responsible for getting you out of the game?

OL: She floated the idea, but…

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