People Have Been Making Baked Potatoes The Wrong Way This Entire Time

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Potatoes are the most versatile vegetables around. From these humble spuds, we can make French fries, hash browns, wedges, and countless other delicious dishes. But of all the possible variations, the best might just be the baked potato.

So what would you say if we told you that you’ve been baking them wrong all this time? Instead of wrapping them in foil, throwing them in the oven, and calling it a day, there’s a new way to bake potatoes that’s not just the best way, it’s the tastiest way, too.

Are you ready for the secret? Hold tight…

It’s a fact that potatoes are one of the most multipurpose vegetables in existence. There are so many different dishes you can make from them, but it’s important to prepare each one the correct way. For instance, there’s a good chance you’ve been making baked potatoes wrong your entire life. Making them professionally, though, is a breeze! That is, if you know the trick.

01-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

To make them the most delicious way possible, start by slicing a side off the potato. For the next step, use a small knife to cut rings around the inner portion of the potato, as demonstrated in the picture below.

02-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack


Now, cut the sides of the potato all the way around, but leave a small uncut circle on the side you didn’t slice. Use your thumb to measure this part. Below, you can see the exact place where you should make these small incisions. You’ll want to be careful to do it in that exact spot.

03-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Now, when you flip the potato back over to the starting position, you should have something similar to this. If the cuts need to be just a little bit deeper, do so. It’s crucial that you do this correctly before you move on to the next step.

04-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack


For the final step in the preparation of your potato, brush the vegetable with olive oil and sprinkle a dash of salt on top. This simple seasoning will ensure that your baked potato has as much flavor as possible.

05-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack


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