Poodle infested with ticks desperately needs blood, unlikely candidate gladly volunteers

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A miniature poodle won another shot at life with the help of a blood transfusion from a pit bull named Tank.


Source: Arizona Humane Society

According to Ashleigh Goebel of the Arizona Humane Society, Roxie the poodle suffered from anemia and was infested with ticks when she first arrived at the facility. In a rush to save Roxie’s life, a veterinarian decided to take a risk; with a little luck, Tank, an 83-pound American Pit Bull Terrier, might be a match for the blood transfusion that Roxie needed to survive.

They went forward with the procedure, which was an enormous success. Roxie was feeling better before the night was over, standing on all four paws for the first time since she arrived at the clinic and showing other obvious signs of recovery.

“The once lifeless poodle is now bustling with energy and spunk,” Goebel said happily of Roxie’s second wind.

The Arizona Humane Society is dedicated to ending “animal suffering, homelessness, and needless euthanasia.”


Source: AZH

“We safeguard, rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for animals, while inspiring community action and compassion on their behalf,” reads the Mission statement on their website.

After the successful transfusion, the AHS was met with another happy surprise: a special relationship grew between the two dogs. Perhaps sensing that they shared the same blood, Tank and Roxie were near attached at the hip for the rest of the time that they spent in the clinic. The Arizona Humane Society volunteers and employees even started walking them together.

Despite their newfound closeness, the two dogs did need to be separated when it was time for Roxie to continue her recovery in a foster home. Tank remains available for adoption at the AHS.

If you feel passionate about helping animals like Roxie and Tank find a happy home, there are many ways that you can get involved. The AHS accepts donations, employs volunteers, runs events, and even participates in legal advocacy initiatives centered around animal welfare legislation.


Source: AHS

Their next event promises to be the highlight of your month- the AHS is throwing a puppy party on August 12 at their Sunnyslope Campus and their Campus for Compassion. Registration is free, and the party’s open to pups spanning from 8-weeks to 6-months old.

“Socializing your puppy is one of the most important steps in raising a happy, well-behaved dog,” the AHS advises.

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