Preserve Herbs

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Freeze Herbs in Oils

Have fresh herbs on hand all the time!  Did you know you can pop them in ice cube trays, add oil and freeze them.  This is a brilliant trick and one you will use.  It certainly beats using dried herbs.  Bring your food and flavours to life and never run out of herbs again. Scroll our page and check out how to Preserve Basil for a whole year in your Fridge! You’ll love this easy trick.

Freeze Herbs

We’ve also included a Tutorial to make your very own hanging gutter garden using PVC. You will love to grow your own herbs and the best part is you can move it around the garden and hang it in the most advantageous position. You can pop it in the sun and move it to the shade as required. It’s also very inexpensive and simple to make.Best Selling Herbs

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Freeze Herbs in Oil

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Freeze Herbs in Oil

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How to preserve Basil

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Hanging Gutter Garden

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