Pssst: Ergo Is Now Giving Us Two Options That Allow Us To (Safely) Skip The Infant Insert

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Yes, you read that right.

Ergo has come through for parents again.

You now have two carrier options that allow you to skip the infant insert, and go straight into safely carrying your delicious newborn babe. The Omni 360 (7–33 pounds) and the Adapt (7–45 pounds) grow with your baby, so that you can carry them from brand-new through toddlerhood. This means you (technically) need just one carrier to get you through.

Samantha Angoletta

They also — huge bonus — have crossable straps to maximize support and comfort. And the Omni allows for you to safely outward face your older baby as well. My youngest needed to be able to watch his semi-feral siblings in action, so having this option is awesome.

These things are worth their weight in gold, I tell you. Gold.

I have fond memories of cozying up my tiny babies into the infant insert, and gently strapping them to my chest. We logged many miles that way. With my first, a sensitive, high-needs baby girl, it was because the…

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