Report: Amazon Deleting Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book

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People have not exactly been jumping out of their skin to buy Hillary Clinton’s new book.

Indeed the new books been slashed in price even before it came out.

From Federalist Papers:

Yesterday TFPP reported that (along with Walmart) had slashed 40 percent off the price of Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” before it’s even been released, a pretty unmistakable sign that the retail giants don’t exactly have much confidence that the failed presidential candidate will be a huge seller.

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The world has been treated to a variety of excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s books.

And they’ve pretty much confirmed all the reasons people didn’t vote for her.

They’ve shown her to be delusional, petty and insufferably arrogant.

And the reviews have not been kind.

Problem is that had you gone to Amazon to enter a review and say any of that or called out the book for what it is, spurious word vomit, you may have had trouble.

Seems that even though they have no trouble reducing the price of the book, they may be trying to help its cause with deleting bad reviews.

As of the time of this TFPP post’s writing, the book’s Amazon page shows 95 percent of the reviews being glowing five-star endorsements, with four and three stars at one percent each, no two-star reviews, and one-star reviews standing at three percent.

Even if one accepted the argument that Amazon might be deleting reviews they think are trolls, the problem is the percentage, given the book, obviously still seems off.

One review really covered it.

It appears to be written with the intent of securing a luxurious retirement. I really don’t think she cared much about the substance of the book itself – but merely finding ways to fill pages with content so as to generate a marketable product. At the end of the day, her name is what is selling the book; not the print on its pages. And even if she only sells 1,000 copies, that’s enough to make writing it worthwhile.

But if you’re looking for some kind of meaning or understanding out of this book, I’m afraid that it simply isn’t there. It’s merely the continuation of her meltdown performance, after being denied all other public platforms to on which to do so. It’s littered with baseless claims and accusations . . . a painfully stupid monologue not unlike that which you would see on an episode of The Bachelor.


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