Rescue Pit Bull From Street Refuses To Sleep In Bed, Only Feels Safe In Cardboard Box

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Adopting a dog can be the most rewarding thing a pet owner ever does.

Dogs become a part of your family. When a dog trusts you, especially a dog from a shelter or rescue organization, it is the most incredible feeling.

An important thing to remember about rescue dogs is that they often come with stories. Many dogs in shelters were abandoned, neglected, and some, sadly, were even physically abused. Because of this, it is hard for them to trust strangers. Yet, many dogs learn to love again.

Kristina Rinaldi, the Executive Director of Detroit Dog Rescue, wrote a passionate message about a dog they saved. She told the story of a pit bull mix named Captain.



Source: Facebook

In a lengthy Facebook post, she began with this:

People often worry about adopting a rescue dog, because they tell us that we can’t change their past, and they are right. We can’t change their past.

We can’t fix that they were dumped, they were discarded, they were mistreated, and they mistrusted at one point in their life. We can’t fix the nights they were left in the rain, the times they had to find refuge and sleep on cold concrete, and they will probably never forget what it felt like to be hungry so many nights in a row.

In her post, she shared a photo of Captain inside of a cardboard box. Upon first look, you might think this is a photo of Captain when they first found him. But it is not. In fact, it is a picture of him in the rescue’s care.


Detroit Dog Rescue

Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

The rescue is unsure of Captain’s past. Was he abused? Was he left on the streets? The only sure thing they knew was he is about 2 years old. In their care, he was fed, had any medical needs tended to, and was given a safe space to sleep.

But Captain didn’t want to sleep in a bed. Captain was only comfortable sleeping in a cardboard box.

Captain, the dog below, was rescued from the streets of Detroit. Every night, all he wants at bedtime, is a cardboard box. This cardboard box, or whatever size box we have at the time, is the only way he’ll sleep, because it’s the only way he’s ever slept to feel safe.

Kristina was passionate to share not only Captain’s story, but explain the affection and dedication her rescue organization has for every single animal that comes through their doors.



Source: Facebook

Kristina’s post had many commenting to show their appreciation for Detroit Dog Rescue. Captain has been on their adoption list the longest, since November 2016. The group remains dedicated to helping him and have been training him with positive reinforcement.

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[Source: Detroit Dog Rescue]

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