She drives a nail through the middle of a plastic cup. Why? Pure genius!!

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Woman Pokes A Hole In The Bottom Of A Cup. When I Saw Why, I Was Dumbfounded

At first, we were perplexed when we saw what this woman did to a perfectly good plastic cup. When we saw the final outcome, however, we couldn’t wait to share it with you.
It’s common knowledge that tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods around. According to, “Specific antioxidant nutrients found in tomatoes, whole tomato extracts, and overall dietary intake of tomatoes have all been associated with antioxidant protection.” Even tomato extracts contain antioxidants? I had no clue…

Also, did you know that, “Reduced risk of heart disease is an area of health benefits in which tomatoes truly excel. There are two basic lines of research that have repeatedly linked tomatoes to heart health. The first line of research involves antioxidant support, and the second line of research involves regulation of fats in the bloodstream.” With all these benefits, it’s hard to find a reason not to grow tomatoes at home!

What did you think of this lady’s ingenious tomato growing tutorial? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section.


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