She Paints 3 Shades Of Nail Polish On A Plastic Sandwich Bag — What She Uses It For? GENIUS!

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Ilove attempting new designs for my nails (any possible way to cut down on the salon budget!), but my novice designs suffer in the straight line department. When it come to drawing a straight line? Forget it.

So when I saw the video below, I knew it was the one for nail enthusiasts like me (and I know there are plenty of us out there) who want to get the look with half the hassle. This hack for tiny triangle designs from YouTube channel The Crafty Ninja is the brilliant answer to our geometric nail needs.

Start off by painting three different colors you’d like to use in separate columns on a plastic sandwich baggie. Once each is dry, paint a second layer over the top of each color so that all three are opaque. Then, using a pair of tweezers, pull the dry strips off of the plastic and cut each one into thin columns. From there, you can cut diagonally to create your triangles, which you can place directly over your manicure and seal with a top coat.

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