She rubs coffee grounds on her face… I have to try this!

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Woman Uses Coffee For A Morning Ritual

Dannielle decided she wanted to try out a tip she had found on Pinterest that involved rubbing coffee grounds under your eyes to get rid of bags. The video shows her before, during and after this treatment. It may seem a bit strange, but if you look at the ingredients list in many popular eye creams (including Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair) you will see caffeine listed. If you aren’t interested in rubbing your used coffee grounds under your eyes, WebMD suggests a few more solutions: reduce salt intake, manage your allergies, use a neti pot, change up your sleeping position, remove makeup before bed, decrease your alcohol consumption, use sunscreen to protect under your eyes, avoid smoking (good for the lungs too), use a cold compress on your eyes, use an eye cream, cover up with makeup. Their article also mentioned to avoid hemorrhoid cream; you may have heard it suggested before, but they say it can cause irritation.
Curious if she has continued with this treatment? This video was posted on August 27, 2013 and an Instagram post from her on October 22, 2013 showed her still using this treatment: “Yes I still use the method. I only use it when I have really bad bags, and have especially been using it during this horrible allergy season.”

Check out how this work and share your own natural (or store-bought) remedies in the comments below.


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