She Twists Her Hair Into Tiny Sections. When She Wakes Up The Next Day, STUNNING!

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What I love about this Ellko hair hack is that you really don’t need any tools at all. All you need is a head of hair and a good night’s sleep.

Now, that’s my kind of beauty routine. 

“No-heat overnight curls are my go-to when I get bored with my natural straight-ish hair. This is my favorite method; all you need to do is twist, so it’s super easy and you don’t even need to braid,” Ellko says.

The only product you will need to get these gorgeous curls is your favorite hairspray, a few hair pins, and a hair tie.

What you want to do is twist small sections of your hair by hand. Next, pull the section back, holding it with your non-dominant hand as if you were going to do a hair bun.

As you twist each section (you should eventually twist your entire head of hair), pull each section back into the bun. Then, when the hair is fully twisted and pulled back, tie with a hair tie.

Lastly, secure the up-do with hair pins and spray with hairspray. Go to bed, unravel each twist and unfurl a fresh new hairstyle.

See how to get this stunning look in the video below, and please SHARE if you think others will get a kick out of this technique!


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