Sheriff Clarke Will Not Be Taking A Job In Trump Administration After All

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When the news broke that Sheriff David Clarke was joining the Trump Administration, many conservatives were excited about it.

For good reason.

Clarke is a rock star in conservative circles.

Sadly, it looks like that news was a bit premature.

Clarke has changed his mind about officially joining the Trump Team.

From ABC News:

Report: No, Trump Isn’t Under Investigation, Despite WaPo Claim…

The Department of Homeland Security says Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is no longer a candidate for a position in the agency.

The conservative firebrand said last month he was taking a job as an assistant secretary at the DHS, but the agency declined to confirm the appointment, saying it announces such senior appointments once the DHS secretary makes them official.

Craig Peterson, a political adviser to Clarke, said in a statement that the sheriff notified DHS Secretary John Kelly late Friday that he “had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer” to join the department. The Washington Post first reported on Clarke’s decision.

Hard to tell what happened here.

Did Clarke change his mind? Did Trump change his mind?

Regardless, it’s definitely a let down that America’s Sheriff won’t be involved.

However, you can bet that Clarke will still be a very vocal supporter of the president’s policies.

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