Slow Cooker Mississippi Chicken

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Okay, you know how there are slow cooker dishes that don’t actually seem like they’re that easy? (We’re looking at you, recipes where you need to brown meat and then make a stovetop sauce before throwing it all together….) Well thankfully, this Mississippi chicken recipe is truly a one-and-done slow cooker dish that does. not. disappoint. While you could use beef or pork, we find that we prefer chicken here, and the fact that it’s a bit lighter and healthier for you – without being any less flavorful – is great!

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So what makes this dish so awesome? The amount of flavor packed into that chicken is shocking, making it perfect for an easy weeknight dinner that you’ll look forward to having later for leftovers. Also, the amount of ingredients and effort that goes into it is nuts (in the best way possible). Five main ingredients, including the chicken itself, are all you need, and if you’re capable of seasoning something, then you’re more than able to make this dish.
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Au jus gravy mix, dry ranch dressing mix, pepperoncini peppers and butter, that’s it, and the end result is a juicy, tender pulled chicken that’s got the perfect amount of kick to it (feel free to make it as spicy or mild as you like) and that you barely had to lift a finger to make. Does it get any better?? No, no it does not.
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