Smores Cheesecake

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Smores are everyone’s favorite dessert to eat around a campfire. There’s just nothing else quite like them… that crunchy graham cracker with melty chocolate and puffy toasted marshmallow. Mmmm. It’s such a good combo we find ourselves craving them when there’s no campfire in sight. So we’ve taken the camping classic and elevated it into cheesecake form. Now you can have it anytime!

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This cheesecake starts with a graham cracker crust (of course) and mini marshmallows and chocolate chips are mixed into the creamy batter. More marshmallows are sprinkled over the top and as it bakes they puff up and get nice and toasty. And then – get this – melted chocolate is poured over the top and as it chills in the fridge it hardens and provides a nice chocolate crunch. This is heaven in cheesecake form, you guys. Heaven.

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Smores Cheesecake 2

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