So, those cute copper Moscow Mule mugs might not be safe to drink from

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Moscow Mules are a popular cocktail right now, and they’re traditionally served in cute copper Moscow Mule mugs. But while we love a good cocktail, no one wants to be drinking chemicals that can make us sick. So we might need to rethink what we’re serving our party drinks in.

These mugs can pose a health risk when they come into contact with beverages with a low pH level — which most Moscow Mule recipes have. These acidic drinks can cause the copper to corrode, and the metal transfers into what we’re drinking. Yuck!

Copper poisoning isn’t going to kill you, but it’s not pleasant either. A few drinks won’t hurt you. But long-term exposure to copper can cause a lot of serious problems. Like vomiting, jaundice, low blood pressure, and liver problems. That’s why professional chefs don’t cook acidic foods in copper pots. So if you can avoid using these mugs when mixing up some cocktails, you probably should. No one wants to make their guests sick!

So the next time you whip up a cocktail like a Moscow Mule, just switch what kind of glass you’re using. A regular glass or a stainless steel mug won’t corrode, so you’ll be good to go! If you want to keep the copper look, you could even get copper mugs that are stainless steel on the inside. Those are perfectly safe to use.

“The pH of a traditional Moscow Mule is well below 6.0. This means that copper mugs that have a copper interior may not be used with this beverage. However, copper mugs lined on the interior with another metal, such as nickel or stainless steel, are allowed to be used and are widely available,” reads the Iowa advisory.

So next time you have a Moscow Mule, take a look at the cup you’re using. Stay safe out there!

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