Sofia Coppola has addressed the backlash about “The Beguiled” and its lack of diversity

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Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Following some controversy surrounding her latest movie, Sofia Coppola has written an essay defending The Beguiled and her decision to cut an African American character from her adaptation of the Thomas P. Cullinan novel A Painted Devil.

The film, which is also a remake of the 1971 movie The Beguiled that starred Clint Eastwood, has been heralded by critics, and earlier this year picked up the prestigious award for Best Director at Cannes Film Festival.

However, the film has also been met some criticism, with some people taking to social media and media outlets to express their frustration that Coppola has omitted an African American character, a slave named Mattie, from her adaptation. Likewise, some noted that the film, which is set in the deep south during the Civil War, also failed to address the realities of the different races that, at the time, would have been living there, as well as the realities of the slavery.