Sriracha Seasoning Stix Are About to Make Your Food Really Lit

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Huy Fong Foods is partnering with Sugarmade to create seasoning sticks that will make it easier than ever to give all of your food that inimitable taste of sriracha. According to the newly launched website for the Sriracha Seasoning Stix, the product is meant to be cooked simultaneously with meat, fish, or poultry for added flavor and heat.

Want some more good news? The sticks won’t just be limited to the classic sriracha flavor. They’ll also be releasing sriracha butter garlic sticks, sriracha teriyaki sticks, and a mystery blend that will be determined by consumers.

The life-changing products are slated for a February release and will likely be exclusively available online. Sugarmade was initially offering free samples prior to their release, however, they have now completely sold out. To stay informed on any news regarding the Seasoning Stix, submit your email address and you could receive free shipping once they are officially available.

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