The color of your bread bag twist tie actually means something

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This ~news~ surfaces to the web now and again and here we are, back on the mystery of colored bread twist ties. 

The colors designate which day the bread was baked on. The “Best Buy” date you see on the loaf is actually the sell-buy date, so if you want to know what day your bread was baked, look at the twist tie.

Blue means baked on Monday.

Green means baked on Tuesday.

Red means baked on Thursday.

White means baked on Friday.

Yellow means baked on Saturday.

According to Snopes, the bakeries are given two days off, Wednesday and Sunday.

If you’re at the store on a Tuesday and see a blue tag, you know your bread was baked the day before. Tbh, we don’t see ourselves memorizing the colors and cross referencing loaves at the store. Thankfully, this color coding is actually for the store clerks, not for us shoppers, and you don’t really need to worry about it.

“Bread is not kept on the shelf for longer than a couple of days. Indeed, it’s those colored twist tags that make this recycling of stock practical — because of them, the restocker has an easy time recognizing which loaves have to be taken away,” according to Snopes.

Interesting. And all this time we thought the variety of colored tags and twist ties were just because grocery stores like looking at a variety of colors. 😂

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